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Review: Hold Nevertheless by Nina LaCour With pictures

by hhjgcz on 13. April 2021 No comments

Review: Hold Nevertheless by Nina LaCour With pictures

Synopsis: Hold Nevertheless informs the story of Caitlin whom recently destroyed her friend that is best Ingrid, to committing suicide. Ingrid and Caitlin shared every thing together, and Caitlin is dealing with an unknown life without her friend that is best to laugh, cry and share her secrets with. One time Caitlin discovers Ingrids journal under her sleep, and through her log, Caitlin extends to see another different, darker part of Ingrid. The log becomes type helpful tips to Caitlin as she relates to going back to college, forging brand new friendships and dropping in love for the first time, without her closest friend to fairly share it with.

You might wonder why we thought we would review this guide when it comes to GAY YA, and that’s since the author is not just homosexual, but Hold Nevertheless features a queer woman character. But I’ll talk much more relating to this later.

The reason why we check this out book had been because I’d heard therefore much raving about Nina LaCour’s latest book, every thing causes You. I happened to be purchasing publications for my library as well as the only guide they had readily available for purchase had been Hold Nevertheless. I purchased it, received it, see clearly and here i will be, an emotional mess due to this stunning book.

To begin with, I would like to mention LaCour’s stunning writing style. IT REALLY IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND MY HEART SIMPLY MELTED! She writes so poetically and filled with feelings and it also simply hits me personally appropriate into the heart. Her tone is funny, sarcastic and extremely realistic.

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hhjgczReview: Hold Nevertheless by Nina LaCour With pictures