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Omnibus Rules Implementing the Labor Code Book 4

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In a case involving a U.S. company and a U.S. citizen (the complainant) who was offered the position of general manager of the company`s Philippine branch, even though the signed employment contract had been shipped from the United States and already signed by the company`s authorized representative, and which was subsequently signed and returned by the complainant, It was found that: that the foreign leader fell under job security under Philippine labor law, which invalidates the firing at will provision, which is void in that jurisdiction. (Ibid.) Book III, Title I, deals with the rules on normal working time, i.e. the 8-hour working day, the 48-hour week, compensatory working time, meal times, night shifts, overtime, overtime pay, weekly rest periods, bonus pay, incentive leave, service fees, etc. Senior managers are exempt or excluded from coverage of these benefits. (c) cooperate closely with the safety and technical personnel of the establishment to ensure the selection and placement of workers on the basis of their physical, mental, physiological and psychological fitness, including the investigation of accidents the probable causes of which are exposed to risks to health at work; and Title I of Book Five, deals, inter alia, with rules relating to the right to self-organization, trade unions, legitimate trade union organizations, bargaining unit, representatives of collective bargaining, unfair labour practices of the employer, unfair labour practices of workers` organizations, collective bargaining, collective agreements (CBAs). Senior managers are exempt or excluded from these provisions. (b) Each establishment or workplace shall be inspected at least once a year to ensure that it complies with the provisions of this Regulation. However, special inspection visits may be authorized by WHO/Europe to investigate accidents, conduct investigations requested by the Bureau of Working Conditions, conduct follow-up inspections, recommendations, or conduct workplace investigations or inspections at the request of an employer, employee or trade union. Cralaw SECTION 8.

Administration and enforcement. (a) Each employer shall grant the Minister of Labour and Employment or his duly authorized representative access to his premises and registers at any time of the day or night when work is carried out thereon in order to establish compliance with the provisions of this Regulation. (b) In any non-hazardous establishment or workplace with more than four hundred (400) workers per shift, At least two of its supervisors must be trained and a full-time safety officer must be provided. ▪ SECTION 5. Safety and health training of personnel. — each employer shall take measures to train a sufficient number of his superiors or technical staff in matters of safety and health at work. (a) `first aid` means adequate, immediate and necessary medical and dental care or recourse in the event of a sudden injury or illness suffered by a worker in the course of employment, whether or not such injury or illness is work-related, before more comprehensive medical and/or dental treatment is provided. Treatment can be provided. It does not include ongoing treatment or follow-up treatment of injury or illness.cralaw SECTION 4. Working conditions not covered by standards.

— Any specific standard applicable to a condition, practice, means, method, set-up or process shall also apply to other similar work situations for which no specific standard has been established. Cralaw SECTION 3. Medicines and facilities. Every employer shall keep the medications, equipment and first aid facilities prescribed by the Ministry of Labour and Employment within 5 days of the adoption of this regulation in or around the employer`s workplace. The list of drugs, equipment and facilities may be revised from time to time by the Office of Conditions of Employment, subject to the approval of the Secretary of Labor and Employment. (e) In all workplaces where more than one (1) shift occurs per day, the employer shall, in addition to the requirements of this rule, provide the services of a full-time first aid attendant for each shift.cralaw (b) The employer shall keep records of all medical examinations, treatments and activities performed.cralaw SECTION 1. General statement on coverage. — (a) This Regulation applies to all establishments, workplaces and other undertakings, including agricultural holdings, whether profit-making or not, except: 1. persons engaged in land, sea and air transport: provided that their dry docks, garages, hangars, maintenance and repair shops and offices are covered by this Regulation, and 2) residences used exclusively for residential purposes.

2. They shall ordinarily and regularly direct the work of two or more workers. SECTION 6. Training and qualification of medical and dental personnel. — Health personnel who must be recruited by an employer in accordance with the Code and these internal regulations must have the following minimum qualifications: managers enjoy job security and management`s right to dismissal must be balanced against the right of the head of the enterprise to job security, which is not part of the guarantees waived.

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