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Minimum Capital Requirement for Corporation in the Philippines

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Capital – real estate and assets of the company that are used for its activities or operations Generally, there are no minimum capital requirements, except for certain strictly regulated companies (e.g. banking, insurance, securities, education, and real estate development). The minimum share capital for the formation of a public limited company is currently 25,000 euros, which are fully paid up when the company is created. Capital requirements for local and foreign companies wishing to set up a business in the Philippines vary depending on the type of business activities they wish to engage in and the percentage of foreign ownership of their business. Companies must have registered capital, which can have a value greater than 0. No minimum capital requirement. The contract of membership or, if the articles so provide, the general meeting may require a member to pay initial or additional equity to the cooperative. Statutes (AI) and statutes (BL). AI displays your company name, founders, the amount of subscribed capital paid in by each shareholder, and the company`s primary and secondary objectives. For public companies, no minimum capital is required under the revised Companies Code, unless expressly provided by law. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a matrix (accessed March 29, 2020) of the minimum capital requirement (paid-up capital is the portion of the authorized capital subscribed and actually paid), depending on the industry for the registration of Philippine companies.

This applies to domestic enterprises with foreign capital if they are not covered by the negative list. In the event of an increase or decrease in charter capital, the modified amount of charter capital at the time of such increase or decrease should not be less than 1,250 minimum wages. Stock dividends can be issued to convert excess profits into authorized capital and are not subject to income tax. However, they are subject to stamp duty on documents equal to 0.5% of the actual value of each share. The issuance of stock dividends requires the approval of shareholders representing at least two-thirds of the outstanding share capital of the Corporation. Once the incorporation formalities have been completed, the founders can sell their shares. The share capital may be increased or decreased in accordance with the procedures laid down in the Danish Companies Act, which normally require a decision by a qualified majority of the shareholders. Contracts: SAR 500,000 (but have sale/asset requirements) There is no minimum capital requirement, except for certain specialized companies. Commercial (with at least 25% Saudi partner): SAR 7 million and a minimum contribution from foreign shareholders of SAR 20 million, and The total government fee is about $800. This price may vary depending on the capital deposited and the city where you wish to register. Limited liability companies do not have a fixed minimum capital requirement. However, the board of directors must ensure that the company concerned fulfils the solvency criterion laid down in the German Public Limited Companies Act immediately after a distribution.

The solvency test is met if: (1) the entity is able to pay its debts as they fall due in the normal course of business; and (2) the value of the Company`s assets exceeds the value of its liabilities (including contingent liabilities). To form a company, between 5 and 15 people must act as founders. They must own or subscribe for at least one share each, and the majority of them must be residents of the Philippines. At least 25% of the authorised share capital must be subscribed at the time of incorporation and at least 25% of the subscribed share capital must be paid-up. If the share capital consists of shares with no par value, subscriptions must be paid in full. The minimum paid-up capital is 5,000 pesos. The provisions of the Foreign Investment Act of 1991 are relevant when there are foreign shareholders because they restrict foreign ownership in companies engaged in certain activities, either through capital investment requirements or through Philippine equity investments. Companies with more than 40% foreign capital must transfer at least $200,000 to the Philippines as paid-up initial capital, unless they are classified as exporting companies. Exporting companies are companies that export at least 60% of their gross turnover, whether services or goods paid for in foreign currency. None, unless the company is engaged in an enterprise or industry required by the competent authority to have a minimum capital or it employs a foreigner to work in Taiwan. First transfer of $200,000. This is a one-time transfer request.

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