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Lesbian Kama Sutra: 100 intercourse roles for females pt.3

by hhjgcz on 18. März 2021 No comments

Lesbian Kama Sutra: 100 intercourse roles for females pt.3

Position 50. The stronghold

Every once in a while we truly need some intercourse device to spice things up and ‘the stronghold’ is a superb place doing exactly that. Get two seats and, sitting opposite one another, get those legs tangled up together and push your pubic bones toward one another for a few hot and hefty stimulation. The seats provides you with an angle that is new something firm to carry onto although you result in the planet move.

Position 51. The Eve and today

The scissors place is this type of good the one that we’ve had to add it an additional reincarnation. This time take a nap top to tail together with your partner and line your clits for many satisfaction that is sexual. This position works very well by having a vibrator too – the number of choices are endless.

Position 52. Welcome right straight straight back

Idea seats had been only for viewing TV in? Don’t be therefore boring! This place is all you’ll want to keep your lover amazed. Lay on a chair while having your partner bend down prior to you. In this way you are able to stimulate her with a sex toy while she pleasures you.

Position 53. Backside raunch

Bring your partner from behind by having a band on and kneel closely together for just one steamy session.

Position 54. The storm

Take a seat on your spouse, who’s lying on the straight straight straight back, and sleep the hands on the knees in order to take control of your rhythm as you rub against her. To actually sex things up, spot a dildo between the two of you for many shared stimulation.

Position 55. The slutty one

Exhibitionist? Then log on to a chair, bend over and allow your seated partner see to you personally with a tactile hand, model or tongue.

Position 56. Prison Break

Kink up some handcuffs to your routine and an optional band on (depends the manner in which you want it). This position begins with you getting handcuffed along with your arms behind you. Then bend down together with your at once a pillow enabling your lover to stimulate you from behind with her arms, a model, a band on, a kiss… actually it is possible to simply simply take this anywhere you desire.

Position 57. Glucose rush

Bored stiff for the 69? Change things up by having a sugar rush. This move involves you lying down while your lover roles by by herself together with see your face. With a sex toy or using her hands while you perform oral sex your partner can stimulate you.

Position 58. The G term

G is for great sexual climaxes to any extent further and also this may be the place to obtain them in. Your spouse should lay down on her straight straight straight back by having a pillow under her sides – in order to then penetrate her together with your hands and stimulate her clitoris.

Position 59. The runaways

The lady at the top gets all of the enjoyable with this particular place. Your lover ought to be lying down with a sex toy at the same time while you straddle her, allowing her to suck and tease your breasts and penetrate you.

Position 60. An area in Rome

Straddle your lover dealing with her and distribute your feet wide so she can enjoyment your clitoris as you can caress her breasts. The two of you get a great view of every other’s bodies – bonus!

Position 61. World at the feet

Leg fetish? A different one right here to help you get going… lay down in your back and pleasure your partner’s clitoris with your legs. It’s a strange one… but hey, for many social individuals it really works miracles.

Position 62. Lip solution

Yes, it is in-your-face cunnilingus once once again – but this time around having a hand or two thrown in.

Position 63. Stereo

Take a seat on the partner along with your vagina completely placed over her face, then as she pleasures you lean straight back and make use of your hand and hands to create her to orgasm.

Position 64. French cancan

We’re not certain this position is gonna be comfortable for very long, however if you need to include a couple of techniques into the dental intercourse routine the French cancan leg in the atmosphere could work miracles. If you’re the partner getting dental simply hold one of the feet up at a 90 degree angle for a few brand new feelings down there…

Position 65. Swan plunge

Prepare for A ebony Swan moment with this particular place Take a nap on the sleep and possess your spouse lie in addition to you together with her clitoris in accordance with the face. Then she can arch her straight back and sleep her human anatomy against yours for the uninhibited and limitless number of enjoyable as you tease, lick and suck.

Position 66. Increasing flame

Fancy a twist on your own old-fashioned cunnilingus? Test this. Sleep yourself in your legs and straight right straight back, raising your bum floating around. In that case your partner, top to tailing, may have a good place to perform some intense dental intercourse when you can penetrate her with your fingers or an adult toy.

Position 67. Headstrong

The next time you perform dental intercourse get an adult toy involved and make use of it in the exact same time as you lick her clitoris to stimulate her in all sorts of means.

Position 68. Chaise longue

This place probably is most effective in the event the partner is not that hefty – you don’t desire all that bodyweight over your upper body ordinarily… having said that, if you’re able to manage it this place is an enjoyable one. Simply ensure you get your partner to sleep in addition to your torso to help you perform dental intercourse while she reclines, sustained by your feet. Think about this some severe sexercise.

Position 69. Start all hours

One method to get much more pleasure is let loose just. Simple actually. So lie on your own as well as pull your feet to your upper body so that your partner is capable of doing sex that is oral have complete access to your bum too…

Position 70. Joystick

Intercourse should really be all about enjoyable and games right? Into the ‘Joystick’ position there’s a lot of that. Take a seat on a somewhat reclined seat with one of the knees raised. Your lover should then straddle your knee and employ her hands to go your knee against her clitoris, ultimately causing orgasm.

Position 71. One, two, three

A threesome? Therefore numerous possibilities…

Position 72. The Amazon

Take a nap and obtain one leg within the atmosphere – we vow it’ll be beneficial. Your spouse should take a seat on top of you, laterally on and may caresse you when you rub against one another searching for the top O.

hhjgczLesbian Kama Sutra: 100 intercourse roles for females pt.3