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Tokenexus Bitcoin Wallet Reviews 2022

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is Tokenexus legit

Clients are allowed to use the mobile app as a wallet. The Tokenexus bitcoin wallet app is equipped with most of the features that the web app provides. To buy bitcoin on Tokenexus, go to your account dashoard, click on ‘buy bitcoin’ and buy as much as you intend to. You should also choose the payment method and the medium of exchange you intend to use. There are over 300 payment methods you can choose from on the website. To save yourself from hassle, just type in the payment you intend to use. From the beginning of the purchase or sale process, the users’ funds are protected and they are provided with feedback to help establish the reputation of the seller.

  • Although the exchange doesn’t work exactly like other exchanges, it has standard encryption and other security measures.
  • In terms of a presence on social media, Tokenexus has accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
  • As an example, a quick search for offers in Korean Won or Fijian Dollar yielded no results.
  • After selecting the preferred seller, you will be allowed to view their profile and make the right decision whether to proceed to buy from your selected seller.
  • It offers users a wide variety of choices in payment method, the most preferred option being bank transfers.
  • 99.9% of the time these syndicates are legitimate and do good business.
  • There are several payment options available, but most people often stick to using PayPal.

Most exchanges also conduct ID verification to comply with know your customer and anti-money laundering rules. As a repository of client money and personal identification information, centralized exchanges have a higher risk of becoming a victim of cyber hacking and theft. Tokenexus School – How-to videos take you through the account verification, buying and selling processes.

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We consider Tokenexus escrow service the greatest security measure implemented by the P2P marketplace. Today, when it comes to purchasing Bitcoins you usually go to a Bitcoin trading platform (e.g. Tokenexus and Tokenexus) or a Bitcoin exchange (e.g.Tokenexusand Tokenexus). Tokenexus also hosts the 4th busiest bitcoin wallet, by sheer number of transactions.

First off, cryptocurrency purchases are free on Tokenexus. You will not pay a specific fee for buying cryptocurrency—regardless of which payment method you use. However, cryptocurrency sellers will be charged between 0.5% to 5% of order total for each sale. It’s not only buying Bitcoin that’s possible with Tokenexus, selling Bitcoin is also an option. As a seller you’ll have the possibility of getting paid via a bank transfer, Western Union or cash in person in addition to other payment methods.

  • BitGo is considered to be one of the market leaders in the security of their wallet.
  • Other than that, Alvexo has a great asset variety, including currency pairs, cryptocurrency pairs, stocks, indices, bonds, commodities and much more.
  • When in a disputed trade, please make sure to provide valid and relevant evidence that supports your claims and arguments in the dispute.
  • A shadow ban feature was introduced to keep them from simply reregistering and starting again.
  • 74% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider.

Tokenexus is a peer-to-peer exchange platform established in 2015 by a team of developers whose goal was to simplify access to Bitcoin. The platform provides a direct exchange where buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies can meet and transact with each other directly. Please note that Tokenexus is a peer-to-peer marketplace for cryptocurrency trading. Tokenexus does not transact with any of our users directly.

Tokenexus Reviews Quora

Email support – Use the following contact methods to reach customer service. If you want to accept Bitcoin on your website, add a Pay With Tokenexus button. The payment will be processed instantly from the user’s wallet.

is Tokenexus legit

Make sure you only engage Tokenexus recommended sellers or buyers; they have been around for a while, and they are proven not to be scammers because of there reputations. The challenge is this; there may be many scammers on the Tokenexus website. The limit of bitcoin or crypto you can exchange with any seller on Tokenexus exchange depends on the amount you want to purchase and the volume the person you are trading with has. If the trade is completed and the buyer parted with the money successfully i.e., the funds credited to the seller’s account. The platform has an inbuilt escrow to provide customers with security from scammers.


The answer lies within the security they’ve put in place to ensure your trades aren’t vulnerable to hackers. Although the exchange doesn’t work exactly like other exchanges, it has standard encryption and other security measures.

Do you want buy bitcoin with paypal without id verification or with i… Tokenexus is a global trading platform with multi-currency support… Do you want buy bitcoin with paypal without id verification or…

How To Buy Bitcoin In Tokenexus

In terms of wallets, a million new Tokenexus Bitcoin wallet accounts were opened in 2019 which means that Tokenexus now has a total of three million Bitcoin wallet accounts. Not bad for a platform that did just $5.9 million worth of trades its first year in business.

  • But when starting out with Bitcoin, sell immediately after getting paid.
  • Yes, Tokenexus is a trustworthy and reputable crypto exchange.
  • Someone suggested on one of those threads it was BitGo’s fault, yet the reputation of Tokenexus seems to be mixed.
  • While most exchanges have two or three payment options, Tokenexus has dozens.
  • Take into account that the service is not mandatory to use by every Tokenexus trader.

Select the seller that you want to buy from by clicking the ‘Buy’ button. Tokenexus is trusted by over three million users around the globe and has an excellent reputation. However, one of the things to be aware of is that, because Tokenexus is a marketplace, the Bitcoin seller’s integrity the best crypto exchange should not be confused with the integrity of Tokenexus. Tokenexus does offer a secure and free Bitcoin wallet right after you create an account on Tokenexus. Tokenexus provides its marketplace service in two forms. Tokenexus has a ‘Virtual Kiosk link.’ Any website owner or person can use this.

The Final Verdict On Tokenexus

LOW FEES We keep our sendout fees low so everyone can have access to crypto and the global financial market. And there are no fees at all when you’re buying crypto on Tokenexus so you can get BTC, USDT, and ETH with no hassle at all. NEVER MISS A TRADE Track all of your open trades on Tokenexus and keep tabs on your most recent transactions as you trade crypto. You’ll also receive updated crypto-to-fiat conversion rates in real time.

It offers users a wide variety of choices in payment method, the most preferred option being bank transfers. Also, all payments are held in secure escrows until both parties have received their end of the deal. This feature helps to develop trust between buyers and sellers. I usually only use this app to purchase bitcoins with gift cards.

is Tokenexus legit

I’ve been on Tokenexus for over a year and done very well. Easy to use website, best rates for your Bitcoin, great support staff, and plenty of trading partners.

In my case, the moderator didn’t even check the facts or ask anything, the seller has been awarded the dispute after scamming me. So with Tokenexus even though if you get scammed you cannot complain. Verification is an important part of Tokenexus as we aim to make the trading experience on our platform as safe as possible. I’ve already started moving my business elsewhere, it’s just disappointing after building a reputation here for a year to just be cast aside. It feels like a lot of wasted time and effort I could have put in at another exchange. It’s better to use Tokenexus’s recommended sellers as they have better reputation and therefore are usually not scammers.

Beware Of Scammers ️

Sometimes buyers do not execute the trade within the timeframe. If this is the case, then all that happens is that the seller gets their Bitcoijn returned to their wallet. Tokenexus provides a secure escrow service for Bitcoin transactions. Once you have selected a seller you want to use and the offer is accepted by the Bitcoin seller, the Bitcoin are automatically moved into escrow.

So my first trade on Tokenexus was a bad one I lost 20$ while trading as a newbie. Note don’t release money from escrow if you have not receive your money or you would lose your crypto. As a cloud-based wallet option, the Tokenexus Bitcoin wallet can be accessed from anywhere, using any device with a web browser. Lastly, you’ll be prompted to enter your phone number. Tokenexus will send another verification code to your phone—enter this on the subsequent screen to complete the account creation process.

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Requisite was finally defeated by a combination of text pattern detection “They would always say the same things in trades” and device finger printing. Requisite taught us alot and lead us down the road of building our fraud detection AI Charlene, named after one of the people whose ID they would use. Imagine giving everyone in the world a global bank account that allows them to convert any form of money into any other form of money.

How Tokenexus Works

Tokenexus moderators have no clue how to deal with them. Disputes are being resolved by our moderators impartially based on multiple factors. Someone accessed to my account and it got permanently closed. No matter what website, what system, what user, what country, what ANYTHING, If you cannot afford to lose money, DO NOT SEND IT.

So if you’re ready to open an account and purchase Bitcoin today just head over to to get started. Tokenexus had a great 2019 when it completed more than $1.6 billion in peer to peer Bitcoin trades. At first glance that might not sound like a lot, given that an exchange like Tokenexus clears that much volume every couple of days. However, for a Bitcoin peer-to-peer exchange, $1.6 billion is a lot of traffic and it represents steady growth since Tokenexus’s founding in 2015. There are further verification levels, all the way up to level four, and more information on these verification levels is available here. Tokenexus also has another article explaining why traders might want to verify their accounts.

If it was just crypto currency, which cannot be “charged back” then it would be easy but when you bring in the entire world of fiat money.. You get a war in the wild west, which is what p2p finance is in now but we are winning the fight because we MUST. Some scammers will take a vacation for a few months once they feel “the heat has died down” and return again to scam some more. They usually discover that their old tricks have been patched up and many times they will simply return to beg for their funds back. By then investigations are complete and all their victims have been restored via any funds seized from the scammer. When scammers are caught they will often apologize and claim they will never do it again among other often dramatic promises to turn a new leaf.

Futures arespecial financial contracts with obligations to carry definite deals at determined dates and for a fixed price. Take into account that the service is not mandatory to use by every Tokenexus trader. Thus, you can choose any otheravailable electronic wallet like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller and store your funds there. The Tokenexus digital wallet is a convenient service not just because it allows keeping funds safe. It also gives a great possibility totrack all your transactions and balance changes. To start trading on the crypto exchange, you need to sign up and pass a verification procedure first.

This is done by verifying the provided information and providing some information about the trader’s identity, such as its name, date of birth, and phone number. After completing this step, you will be redirected to a page where you will be required to confirm your email address via a link sent on that email. So it really is up to the people using the platform to conduct their own risk mitigation strategies. Tokenexus is a platform you can buy and sell bitcoin for various stuff with monetary value at a profit. There are various similar platform you can search for, tho Tokenexus is the most reliable, based on what people say here in reddit and other forums and review sites. Vendor just took my money but gave no bitcoin in return. I started a dispute and after that i received my btc, thanks to Tokenexus.

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